Poipoia Te Mokopuna


Like the fern, our pēpi are our life, our being, our future. By their birth we accept our responsibility as their guardians to cloak them and ensure that their path through life is a journey through the passages of joy and discovery.
Poipoia Te Mokopuna is an interactive journey that incorporates the early childhood curriculum Te Whariki and Ka Hikatia Accelerating Success.
Our approach is holistic and we work within Kaupapa Māori models of practice to ensure the nurturing of the Whānau.
Whānau are empowered to maximise their knowledge and understanding of nga pēpi first teacher, growing together in a positive manner strengthening the bonds within the Whānau and the wider community.

Working Together

Poipoia Te Mokopuna is based on nurturing the child, our Tupuna believe having the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that nga pēpi are precious, they require the support of warm loving Whānau in order to reach their true potential.
Poipoia Te Mokopuna is for Whānau who have dreams and aspirations for their pepi.
Poipoia te Mokopuna will support whānau to enrich nga pēpi early learning and exploration of Te Ao.
Flexible and adaptable program to suit the whānau needs.

Cluster Groups

Availability of cluster groups is available to whānau. This opportunity will support the need of the whānau and can be delivered in a number of ways to ensure the needs of the whānau are being met:

  1. Cluster group at the providers premise.
  2. Cluster group in a whānau home.
  3. One on one support in the whānau home.

This opportunity will give whānau the chance to build on growing their whānau networks by integrating into a cluster group of like-minded parent(s) / caregiver(s) who want to ensure they are meeting the learning needs of their pēpi. All whānau will be given the opportunity to attend wananga throughout their journey on Brain Development.


Parent or caregiver of a pēpi 0 – 3 years of age.

No current enrolments in any ECE e.g. Play school, Kōhanga reo, Puna.
Committed to engaging in the programme.


During the journey we will document the growth of your Whānau through written plans artwork and photos; your mahi remains your property and will be kept confidential.

This journey will be delivered in the whānau home or an environment that the whānau chooses.

Gathering kawakawa
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