Supervision with Activity

Supervision with Activity is a Youth Justice referred Programme that is required to meet the formal Court order, Supervision with Activity.

Te Hou Ora deliver the “wrap around” approach. This means the Young Person remains in their own community and a variety of programmes, activities and / or services are provided to meet the requirements of his or her Individual Implementation Plan.

The “wrap approach” comprises the development, implementation and coordination of an Individual Implementation Plan for each Young Person that address:

  1. Their offending behaviour.
  2. Their health needs.
  3. Education, training or work aspirations.
  4. Court directed restorative activities.
  5. Independence planning where appropriate.
  6. The Young Person’s supervision on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.


Young People can only be referred to this service by Oranga Tamariki after both parties (THOWS & OT) have agreed in consultation with the Police that the Young Persons needs can be met within the Supervision with Activity Programme. Download our Referral form for more details.

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