Supported Bail

The aim of the Supported Bail programme is to reduce the rate and severity of child and youth offending. The Supported Bail Programme is a Youth Justice initiative being implemented in partnership with the Police.

The Supported Bail Programme was developed for Young People who are identified as being likely to be remanded in custody and /or at high risk of breaching bail conditions but who, with a level of support, are assessed as having a better chance of compliance.

Supported Bail provides individualised, intensive and structured support to assist Young People between 12-16 years who have appeared in the Youth Court to comply with their bail conditions and reduce the risk of reoffending during the remand period while on the programme. This enables them to remain with their whānau and in the community instead of being in custody.

Objectives of Supported Bail

To provide a short term (six week) individualised intensive support and intervention for Young people following an appearance in the Youth Court and thereby enabling the Young Person to remain in the community.

Facilitate programme activities that are meaningful and encourage linking the Young Person back into educational or vocational activities, examining issues around whānau relationships, participating in cultural and pro-social activities.

Ensure the Young Person attends mandatory assessments and appointments.

Assist whānau to effectively supervise and monitor the Young Person to comply with their bail conditions.

Reduce the number of Young People who breach bail and or re-offend through providing adequate support or safeguards for them in the community.


Young People can only be referred to this service by Oranga Tamariki after both parties (THOWS & OT) have agreed in consultation with the Police that the Young Persons needs can be met within the Supported Bail Programme. Download our Referral form for more details.

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