Hakuitaka, Hakorotaka

In Hakuitaka, Hakorotaka, a kaupapa Māori parenting program, we walk alongside whānau, helping them to reflect on how they were raised, how they now raise their tamariki and thinking about gender roles, power, control and safety in the whānau home.

Whānau are supported to explore their whakapapa, think about their family home structures and put a kawa (set of rules) in place to ensure the whānau home is nurturing, loving and safe

Do you want to be the difference in your baby’s life?

We all have dreams and aspirations for our tamariki.
We all want to raise our family in a loving and caring environment.
We all want to provide the best for our tamariki and whānau despite the challenges of life.
We all want to be strong and confident in our roles as parents.
We all want healthy relationships for ourselves and our tamariki.
We all want to be the best possible role models for our tamariki so they can pass this love and wisdom on to our mokopuna.

Hakuitaka, Hakorotaka kaupapa Māori parenting journey provides a programme that provides knowledge, tools and strategies to strengthen your ability to consciously parent your tamariki.

Bring yourself and baby to spend some time interacting and learning with other parents and pepi who share the same dreams and desires of tamariki.

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