Whānau Ora Navigation

The purpose of a Whānau Ora Navigator is to provide key activities to support whānau to be self-determining including, but not limited to: 

  • Utilising the Planning Alternative Tommorrows with Hope (P.A.T.H) tool for whānau planning  
  • Identify whānau current circumstances and steps to achieve aspirations 
  • Navigate services and opportunities around whānau enabling whānau to be more self-managing and responsible for their economic, cultural and social development and well-being  
  • Support whānau to identify strengths within the whānau, facilitate and mentor whānau to identify aspirations, and draw on a range of approached to support whānau in achieving their aspirations 

A key focus for the Whānau Ora Navigator is to build whānau capacity and enhance whānau capabilitiy.  Whānau will lead the process for how the Navigaor works and engages with whānau. 

Goals made by the whānau will align with the seven Whānau Ora pou: 

  • Pou Tahi – Self-managing leaders and empowered 
  • Pou rua – Leading healthy lifestyles 
  • Pou toru – Participating fully in society 
  • Pou wha – Confidently participating in tea o Māori  
  • Pou rima – Economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation  
  • Pou ono – Cohesive, resilient and nurturing  
  • Pou whetu – Responsible stewards of our natural environments 
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