Youth Development Programme

YDP is a programme designed to create positive behavioural change in the young person by providing services in a manner that builds on the strengths of the individual while dealing with the underlying issue of offending.

Te Hou Ora work within Kaupapa Māori models which ensures we nurture the holistic wellbeing of the client.

Te Hou Ora will work alongside OT , the client and their whānau to develop a comprehensive Whānau Service Plan.

The Whānau Service Plan will include:

  1. Ways to address the offending and make reparation.
  2. Engaging the Youth into planned activities and or education providers.
  3. Supporting whānau relationships.


Young People can only be referred to this service by Oranga Tamariki after both parties (THOWS & OT) have agreed in consultation with the Police that the Young Person’s needs can be met within the Youth Development Programme. Download our Referral form for more details.

Learning new pro-social activities
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