THOWS’ Mentoring Services

Te Hou Ora Mentoring Services is a one on one programme that aims to enhance a young person’s journey of one’s self alongside tikanga practices and our overarching vision and mission.

Te Hou Ora Mentoring Services seeks to achieve individualised and intensive support, positive guidance, encouragement, and the opportunity to challenge that which prevents the child or youth offender from achieving their goals and aspirations.

How does the Service work?

The Mentoring Service has four key elements:

  1. The matching of a screened and trained mentor to a young person.
  2. The establishment of a mutually trusting and respectful relationship.
  3. Supporting the young person to develop and implement their mentoring plan.
  4. Recognition and celebration of the young person’s achievements and progression.

These key elements will ensure that a purposeful ethical relationship is formed and that there will be structured activities designed to expose the child or young person.

Client Group eligibility

  1. Young offender for whom a mentoring programme forms part of their FGC Plan.
  2. There is a mentoring programme order from the Youth Court.
  3. Young Person over the age of 12 but under the age of 14 at the time of offending.
  4. A High risk and persistent offender from whom a Mentoring Programme forms part of their FGC Plan.


Young People can only be referred to this service by Oranga Tamariki after both parties (THOWS & OT) have agreed in consultation with the Police that the Young Persons needs can be met within the Mentoring Programme. Download our Referral form for more details.

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